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Here, we endeavour to answer the questions frequently asked by our clients. We hope you can find answers to your questions here. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do the prices differ in correlation to the number of copies?

The higher the number of copies, the lower the price per copy, as a significant proportion of the price is linked to prepress procedure (design, typesetting, preparing the press for printing, manufacturing printing plates, etc.). This part of the price is fixed regardless of the number of copies and is divided between the number of copies ordered. In case of digital printing, the price difference is smaller, which ensures lower costs for small orders.

What formats are accepted for books designed by Medium company?

The text can be written with any text editor of your choice (e.g. Word). If your book includes images, it is important that you do not insert them into the text but rather submit them as separate files (e.g. as JPG files). This prevents the loss of quality, which is the consequence of importing them into Word.

How and in what format are print-ready files best submitted?

We require PDF files for the manufacture of printing plates. Such files can be sent via email (up to 10 MB), copied to us via FTP, or delivered on a CD or USB flash drive. You can also deliver your original files created from, for example, Corel Draw or Adobe InDesign (with fonts enclosed), and we will make the PDF format for you.

What should the resolution of photographs be?

Photographs adequate for high-quality printing should have the resolution of 300 dpi. This can be checked in your photo-editing program such as Photoshop, where the "Document Size" information indicates which size of print can be made from your photograph at 300 dpi. Example: A high-quality image of 13.55 × 10.16 cm or smaller can be printed with your 1600 × 1200 pixel photograph. Before taking pictures with a digital camera, set your camera to the highest quality/resolution of photographs.

What are CMYK and RGB, and what is the difference?

CMYK and RGB are colour models. CMYK is an abbreviation of the words cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Similarly, RGB is an abbreviation of the words red, green and blue. By combining these colours, both models facilitate the reproduction of the entire colour spectrum. The difference between the two is that CMYK is employed in printing, while RGB is used on computer monitors and TV screens. When preparing your materials for printing, you have to make sure that you have changed the colour model to CMYK.

What do the terms "bleed printing" and "edge for trimming" mean?

Bleed printing means that after trimming the printed surface goes off the edges of the printed materials. For bleed printing, an edge for trimming is necessary, which should exceed the dimensions of a desired print product by 3 mm. The edge for trimming helps to prevent the appearance of unprinted (blank) paper surfaces on the edges.

What is the standard procedure for corrections? Is it possible to see a proof print?

We never commence final printing before our client has reviewed the designed print product and confirmed that both the design and the content correspond to their wishes. The printing material can either be reviewed in a PDF file on computer monitor or we can print it to paper for you.

Is it possible to know what the width of the spine of the book will be?

The width of the spine depends on the number of pages, as well as on paper and binding type. When these are known, we can calculate it for you.

Can you provide imprinting on a variety of articles?

We employ a variety of printing techniques. If you have a product on which you wish to have an imprint, please call us and we will inform you of the possible options (screen printing, pad printing, digital printing, offset printing, solvent printing, etc.).

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