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Prepress procedures include the designing of textual material and images in accordance with the agreed upon template in a graphic form that is appropriate for printing. Prepress processes involve the scanning of images, typesetting, transferring of contents from Microsoft Word to a graphic program, manufacturing of a proof print, and more.

We can prepare the products that you have conceived or designed for printing, which means that we do not modify your design but ensure that your product is technically appropriate for printing.

Not sure in what form should you submit your graphic, but only want a printing service from us?

A PDF file (Portable Document Format) is required for printing. A PDF file can be created in a number of programs: for printing purposes, we recommend graphic programs such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, QuarkPress and Adobe Freehand.

When preparing materials for printing (already in the graphic program), you have to ensure that:

  • - The file is prepared in the CMYK colour model; if printing will be done in Pantone colours, use the Pantone colour chart. The file must not be prepared in the RGB colour model as this may cause undesired changes of colours.
  • - The paper format is accurate and the file is set in the centre of the page.
  • - In case of bleed printing, include the edge for trimming: 2 to 3 mm.
  • - To ensure high-quality images, the resolution of images should be 300 dpi and the CMYK colour model should be used.
  • - It is recommended that the texts are in vector format.
  • - A minimum of 5 mm margin from the edge of print product is recommended.

There are several options for creating a PDF format: you can create a PDF for the internet, for email, for various slide show presentations, or for printing.

  • - However, it is easiest that when creating a PDF file you find the preset parameters and select "Press Quality".

In case of troubles, we will be happy to assist you. Call us on telephone number +386 4 580 5020, or send us an email to

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